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Action Master Buske!

We Are So Pleased To Announce A New Addition To
Elite Action Master Society!
Please Join Us In Welcoming...

Brian came to visit us today (for the record, that is July 8th, 2002) and honored us by doing an absolutely astounding Action sequence in our very own home! We are so happy to be able to add him to our website as the 1st non-Lynn Action Master! Kudos! Now on to the Action!

Here is an awesome sequence of Buske jumping off our bed!

But this one takes the cake!

See, THIS is what we're talkin' about!

Thanks again to Brian for the Action pictures,
and a reminder to everyone else...
Send Us Action Pictures!
for real! just do it, and we'll put you up on the website!

You know you want to be an ACTION MASTERtoo!


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