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Treatise on Action

The system reacts to a lack of Action much like it will react to a vitamin deficiency. One substitutes, compensates, or may come to the unfortunate point of dreading and avoiding Action.
Symptoms develop,and the drama of the symptoms brings to the afflicted an aberrant form of Action.
To those who lack Action up to the point of being symptomatic, professionals first recommend the "Jumping off of the back porch" therapy. This being done, (if the patient is a smoker) while smoking, to increase the depth, scope, and quality of the action. The patient thus begins to realize that Action isn't something we do. The back porch waits, and if one bends the knees, one begins to sense a vibrant springiness, longing to straighten and launch the body airborne. Action waits for us to take it.

D.Wojnowicz A.M.
July 12,2002.

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